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We started developing using Shopify 8 years ago when we launched our own eCommerce websites. In our opinion, the intuitive layout, flexible design and adequate out-of-the-box features are great for any small to medium sized eCommerce Store.

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The process of moving to Shopify can range in complexity depending on the platform you’re running from and the layout of your data. We’ve completed imports from XCart, OSCommerce, WooCommerce and many other open source platforms.

Step 1 – Data Import
We’ll take an export of your current store’s products, categories and customer data and will review its structure to create an estimate of the time required to migrate it into a Shopify-friendly format.

Step 2 – Design
Whether you’re looking to keep your existing design with just a little TLC, or completely transform your eCommerce store – we’ll produce a set of designs based on one of our popular frameworks.

Step 3 – Functionality
Additional shipping methods, complex discount codes and integrations with your shipping services aren’t enabled by default in Shopify, so we’ll make sure they’re set up and available for you to use.

Shopify Migration FAQs

Q: Can I keep my products that I’ve set up in my existing store?
Yes, we’ll aim to import all your products, SKU (product code), item descriptions, price, stock count and images.

Q: I want to ‘mirror’ my old store, can I achieve that?
Yes, we recommend starting by mirroring your existing store with all your pages, products and categories. We’d recommend using this opportunity to review your pages and products to ensure the information is accurate.

Q: What about my Google rankings?
It’s common during a store migration for products to lose their rankings due to common mistakes, such as the URL of the product changing, the product accidentally being marked as unavailable or missing product data. We ensure that all data is migrated, and where URLs have changed a proper redirect is in place for Google to re-index your site correctly.

Q: How do I manage my Shopify store?
You manage your Shopify store on the online control panel, or via the mobile app available for Apple and Android devices.

Q: I’d like a demo of Shopify, can you help?
Of course, just ask.

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