Magento Protect - 360 Assurance for your Magento Store

Magento Protect from Next Trick is complete assurance for your Magento Store. Combining technical support, patching and maintenance and secure managed hosting in one great value contract.

Technical Support

Comprehensive support via telephone and email

Patching and Maintenance

Fast and effective responseto new Magento patches

Managed Hosting

Hosting on steroids that keeps attackers out .

Magento Shield

Our Magento shield protects against common website attacks

Nightly Backups

Automatic nightly backups included as standard

24/7 Monitoring

Around the clock monitoring With 24/7 incident response

Total Protection Against PRODSECBUG-2198 and SUPEE-11086

Magento Shield protects against the critical vulnerability allowing attackers to remotely exploit your store through SQL Injection using unsantised database commands. More information

Magento Protect Features

- Weekday, weekend and emergency technical support
- 1 hour technical support reply guarantee
- Critical patches applied within 7 days
- Monthly pro-active site and database maintenance
- High-performance managed Magento hosting
- Magento Shield - protects against common attacks
- 24/7 pro-active monitoring and response
- Nightly, weekly and monthly backups
- 99.99% uptime guarantee

Contact us to discuss our bespoke technical support, maintenance and patching services available.

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