Growing your online store

Whether you’re a new online store, been selling online for decades or just making the transition from retail premises to online, every business wants to grow and succeed.

Optimising Your Products (Merchandising)
If you’ve been selling online a while there’s a chance that your products aren’t optimal. When was the last time you checked them for accuracy, updates those specifications and check the pricing? Our product optimisation exercise reviews your products to make sure you have proper product descriptions and enhanced META information for search engines – crucial if your business grows by being found organically in search engines.

Site Performance and Speed
Since 2014 Google (and others) have been using your site performance to determine your rankings for your pages. Our performance optimisation focuses on the three golden rules:

  • Prioritising above the fold content – It’s critically important that all the important information, such as product name, price, description and add to basket buttons are visible without scrolling.
  • Reducing load times – Slow sites can happen for a series of reasons, from the size of images, poor code, or inadequate hosting. Our optimisation exercise targets your code to ensure HTML, CSS and other queries are loaded in as few requests as possible.
  • Optimised hosting – For Magento sites, your hosting can play a big part of your site’s performance, including the load times of checkout and product pages. Our managed hosting will rocket your site performance.

Search Engine Visibility
In such a competitive space, with (Amazon) leading the way with most results, it’s important your results get in the view of your next potential customer. Using a range of tools including Analytics, Search Console and Moz we’ll pin-point search engine performance issues, put together a plan and execute.

Multiple Marketplaces
If you’re ready to sell on multiple marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon you’ll want a solution that allows you to upload select products in a single click and manage your orders in a single location. We have a range of marketplace and order management solutions available.

Finding (and Shouting) Your USP
There’s a good chance there are other people in your field, all competing for the same customers. Just because there’s competition doesn’t mean it has to be a race on price. We can help identify and showcase the unique points to your business.

Building an Online Reputation
Gaining trust from customers is an important component to any online store. The common phrase people bring people is also true in online commerce. We can help put together a plan for gathering customer feedback about your service and products, and maintaining a good reputation across the internet to attract new customers.

Measurable and quantifiable
All our sales optimisation work is backed by real, quantifiable results provided to you monthly. A single, easy to interpret report lets you know how your store has improved, and the upcoming focus for your business.

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