eCommerce Email Marketing

eCommerce email marketing is about sending timely and relevant emails to the right people at the right time. We call email marketing free money because you’re earning money to tell your customers about your products – it’s the most effective method of paid marketing.

The different kinds of eCommerce email marketing
For email marketing to be effective it’s crucial to understand who your recipients are, and the type of email they need.

  • The new customer – These are first time purchasers or those who are considering a purchase. These are usually best targeted with an abandoned cart email, and a personalised welcome email.
  • The existing customer – Usually customers who have purchased in the last 60 days. These types of customers are best targeted with a request for feedback, a cross-sell, a loyalty email or similar to encourage engagement and repeat purchase.
  • The lapsed customer – These are often the hardest to win back but can offer phenomenal results when you convert a lapsed customer into a loyal customer. A discount, personalised product recommendation or similar can help.

Our Integrated eCommerce Marketing

We’ll handle your eCommerce email marketing from start to finish, sending you regular updates on the performance of your emails.

Setup, configuration and import
We recommend Mail Chimp as our preferred email marketing platform for its wide range of integrations into platforms such as Shopify and Magento.

Our setup service includes setting up your account, configuring it to connect automatically to your store and synchronise your customers and order information.

Email Template Design
It’s crucially important that your email layout is clear, contains all the essential links to your store, is compliant, and works well on all email clients on desktop and mobile.

Email Automation
Abandoned carts, welcome emails, request for feedback emails can all be put on auto-pilot. We’ll set those up and make sure they’re ticking along well.

Sending Email Campaigns
Our designers can help design your next email campaign, aimed to win repeat purchasers. We help businesses like yours send on average 2-3 campaigns per month, including seasonal targeted campaigns.

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